General Information

Arriving at School

Students participating in the Breakfast Program may arrive at 7:40 a.m. Other students should not arrive at the school any earlier than 8:00 a.m. Parents will be called if students arrive at school too early because there is no supervision.

As part of our Safe Schools Plan adults are not allowed on our campus unless they get a pass from the office.  Parents wishing to meet with a teacher should check in the office to see when the teacher is available to meet; Teachers are often busy preparing for class in the morning and may not always be available to for a conference.


Student Drop Off

Drive through is intended for dropping students off only.  Please do not block the driveway or leave your car unattended in the painted zone in front of the school. If you need to escort your student to class or visit the office, parking is available at the curb on 214th Street.  Handicapped spaces are for cars with handicapped placards only. For their own safety, students should never walk across the parking lot, but should use the sidewalks available.


Leaving School

Parents must pick up students within 10 minutes of dismissal. Kindergarten parents must pick up students at their rooms.  Please park at the street curb and not in front of the office as this blocks the traffic of other parents picking up their students.


Upon dismissal, all students should proceed to their homes immediately and directly.  Make sure students cross at corners, do not jaywalk, cross between parked cars, play in the streets, or visit the neighborhood businesses.  Obey the directions of crossing guards. They are authorized to issue tickets for illegal actions.


District procedures will begin the first time your child is not picked up within 10 minutes of dismissal.  A parent will be required to come to the office and sign their student out. The Sheriff’s Department will be contacted to take custody one (1) hour after dismissal.  


School Bus

Students riding the school bus west of the freeway will be escorted to the bus stop in front of the school.  No one is allowed on the bus unless they live on the west side of the freeway. If you wish to pick up your bus rider prior to their boarding the bus, you must check them out in the office.   For security reasons changes in transportation arrangements can not be made via the phone. Any changes in plans should be made daily with your child before school starts.


Withdrawing Students During The Day

Parents wishing to take their child off campus during the school day must sign them out in the school office.  Teachers are not permitted to release children from the classroom for any reason. Please come to the office and we will send for your child. This district policy has been adopted for your child's safety and to protect him/her from being taken from school by anyone except legal parents or guardians. Persons listed as emergency contacts may not check out students prior to dismissal unless the parent or legal guardian has contacted the school office in advance in writing.


Safe Route Map

To insure student safety and per our Safe Schools Plan, we urge parents to help us by frequently reminding your child of safety rules and the safest route coming to and from school.  A safe route map is sent home in your first day packet.



The office telephone is a business phone and should be used by students for emergencies only.  We know that families experience emergencies and may, on rare occasions, need to leave messages for students.  Please understand that we can only deliver messages in emergency situations.

  • Emergency situations do not include requesting parents to bring forgotten lunches, homework, band instruments, or other items.
  • Transportation arrangements, including rainy day plans, should be made before the student comes to school.
  • For security reasons, changes in transportation arrangements cannot be made via the phone.

Cell Phones

Cell phones will be allowed, at owner’s risk, for OFF CAMPUS USE only.  Aloha will not be responsible for any phone that is lost, stolen or damaged at school.  The cell phone must be placed in backpacks and must be turned OFF. Cell phones that disrupt a classroom or are visible on campus will be taken and placed in the office for a parent or guardian to retrieve. Chronic offenders will receive further disciplinary action.


The following items are not allowed at school:

  • Drugs, weapons, dangerous objects (lighters, matches, laser pointers, etc…)
  • Gum & Candy
  • Scooter, skateboards, skates
  • Graffiti type instruments (permanent markers, Sharpies, etc.)
  • Toys and play equipment of any kind
  • Electronics: iPods, MP3 players, video games, camcorders, cameras, etc…
  • Fidget Spinners