Principal's Message

Dear Aloha Parents,


Greetings and welcome to the 2022-2023 school year. My name is Dr. Delgado and I am honored to step in as your new principal this year to begin leading a school with such persevering students, an extremely committed staff, and parents that value learning. I have been

 dedicated to my work in education for almost 16 years and come to the Aloha community with a heart and passion for student-centered work and a commitment to equity and inclusion. Most importantly, I am stepping in to continue driving the goals that reflect our collective desire to grow, to learn, and to be successful.


Prior to becoming your principal, I worked with students in grades TK - 6th and developed my leadership knowledge and experience in a variety of roles. My very first teaching job was in Long Beach as a 4th grade teacher and was probably the year I learned the most about myself and what my long-term goals would be. I worked in roles such as teacher, literacy intervention specialist, dean of Instruction, and as a principal for the past 7 years. I have experienced both the Unified School District and Charter School Networks in different ways and learned a lot about why schools need great leaders. I learned that schools need great leaders who understand how to inspire and develop effective teachers that impact change and make a real difference in the lives and futures of our students.


It is my promise to you that our school and community will adapt quickly and will demonstrate resilience as we embark on the new school year. One leadership quality that I have a great reputation for is my ability to build partnerships with parents and my follow through with being responsive to their hopes, needs, and dreams. With so much potential to jump on opportunities for innovation and change, I want to assure you that any changes made will keep parents in mind and will be minimal so that we do not take away from the traditions of our school. We will, however, continue aligning our work to our district vision/mission and will go our efforts in our school action plan.


The first few weeks of school will be invested in the fine tuning of our PBIS model to align and strengthen school wide expectations and positive behavior. We will expand on our school culture by working collectively to ensure that our school is safe, positive, joyful, and inclusive. As we align and create balance in our climate and culture, we will quickly begin focusing on rigorous academics, social emotional wellness, and character building that will reflect our pride as the Aloha Dolphins. With the perfect combination of focus in these areas, we will set our paths to college and will become a school of lifelong learners.


I look forward to seeing all students on Monday, August 22, 2022, at our new start time of 7:45am. Please ensure that your child is in full uniform and arrives ready to participate and learn. I look forward to building relationships and partnerships with all families that will last a lifetime.




Paul M. Delgado

Aloha Academy Principal