About Our Program

A Thematic Approach

The foundation of our Health and Medical Academy begins in our Head Start Preschool Program by being consistent with common language that is used throughout the entire school to grade six.  As students engage in curriculum enriched with health and medical information, they become academically advantaged, and are valuable resources for the health and medical industry. A school wide scope and sequence is in place to ensure integration of our magnet theme with the California State Standards.  Not only are themes connected within each grade, but also through a continuum that is existent vertically, as each child moves to the next grade level. When students begin their educational journey at our Academy, they will participate in each of the following magnet themes:

-Taking Care of Ourselves, Mind, Body, and Soul

-Why We Get Sick

-Living Things and the Human Machine

-Those Who Serve, Those Who Keep Us Healthy

-Influential People in the Health and Medical Field


Dedicated Science Lab

Students will have the opportunity to visit the Science Lab every week.  The lab is taught by a highly trained and credentialed full time teacher.  Students will learn about grade specific standards and engage in hands on experiments using the Scientific Method as a basis for learning.  Health and Medical topics are infused into grade level lessons to increase student knowledge and add rigor to the core subjects. The exposure to these complementary subjects will enhance student knowledge about the rising  need in the Health and Medical fields.


A Healthy Focus

Aloha Elementary is dedicated to the health and physical education of the child.  Recently, Aloha Elementary received national recognition through the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a partnership of the William J. Clinton foundation and the American Heart Association for excellence in creating a healthier school environment.  Aloha also has a strong partnership with the Network for a Healthy California, which is a federally funded program to help students eat healthier foods and be more physically active. Through this program, students participate in Harvest of the Month, where students taste test a different fruit or vegetable while learning about its health benefits through a standards based workbook.  Students are recognized for eating fruits and vegetables during recess through a program called Caught Eating Healthy, an innovative research based program. Teachers at Aloha believe that students will eat healthy foods if they are provided to them.


Cutting Edge Technology

Aloha Elementary has modern technology everywhere on campus.  Each classroom is equipped with the following:

1:1 iPads in grades kindergarten through five and 1:1 Chromebooks in Grade 6

-Mobile Interactive White Boards

-Epson BrightLink Interactive Projectors

-Hand held student response systems

-ELMO Document Camera

These tools help students gain the necessary skills that they will need to research, manage, and communicate it the world of the 21st century.  However, it does not stop there. Aloha is always learning and growing in the world of information and technology and continues to strive to keep up with the most modern tools to help enrich our classrooms and teaching.