Attendance & Absences

Please call the school office at (562) 229-7825 between 7:30 and 8:30 AM when your child is absent.  


The importance of good attendance in your child's school life can not be over-emphasized. Through regular attendance, a student obtains the benefit of the teacher's continuous instruction.  No homework or make-up work can ever serve as a substitute for this.



The State Department of Education does not recognize “excused absences” anymore. A note explaining the absence should be sent to school.  Students who miss a day of school will be marked absent no matter the reason. Students who will be absent for 5 or more days due to a family trip should notify the teacher and apply for Independent Study.  This must done at least one week prior to leaving on the trip. The student will be given work to do while on the trip and can be counted “present” in school if the work is completed and turned in to the teacher immediately upon the student returning to school.


Please click here to read the online article "10 Facts about School Attendance" to understand how absences affect academics.



Please bring your child in to the school office when they arrive after 8:15.  If a child is late, he/she must report to the office and receive a tardy slip before reporting to class.  If the student had an appointment, please make sure they bring a note from the doctor for an excused tardy.  A child coming to school late misses the critical reading and writing instruction that occurs first thing in the morning. Students are expected to report to class on time. Our goal is NO TARDIES! Excessive unexcused absences and/or tardiness will result in parents and students being required to attend a School Attendance Review Board (SARB) held at the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station. Being on time is a valuable life long skill.  Encourage your child to be on time daily.



Poor attendance letters will be mailed if a child has been identified as truant. A child is legally classified truant per California Education Code 48260 if he/she has three unexcused absences, three tardies of thirty minutes or more, three, or any combination of these equaling three. Parents and guardians are obligated by law to compel the attendance of the child at school. Parents/guardians who fail to meet this obligation may be guilty of an infraction subject to prosecution. Attendance is vital in a child’s academic success and future.


Each trimester, Perfect Attendance Awards are given to students with NO absences, tardies, or leaving early.