Parent Involvement

Aloha has many opportunities for parents to volunteer their time to provide activities and support for our students.  We must balance our desire to have parents on campus with implementing our required Safe Schools Plan. We ask that all parents and volunteers follow the guidelines:


Visitors and Classroom Volunteers

Parents and guardians are always welcome and we extend an invitation for you to visit Aloha.  It is important for safety and to minimize disruptions to the learning environment that we request that you:


  1. Schedule an appointment with the teacher to visit the classroom.
  2. Sign in the Visitor Book in the office and get a Visitor’s Badge before coming on campus.
  3. Younger siblings are not allowed, per District policy, due to liability.  

To become a school volunteer in the classroom, please contact either your child’s teacher or our office.  All volunteers must have TB clearance. Volunteers spending 5 hours or more per week volunteering, must be fingerprinted, except for parents or legal guardians.


Meeting with a Teacher

We are asking parents to stop at the gates and not come on campus in the morning or at dismissal as we implement our required Safe Schools Plan.  Parents wishing to meet with a teacher should check in at or call the office to leave a message or make an appointment. We encourage parents to set up a time to meet with the teacher rather than trying to see the teacher as school is beginning or ending.  Teachers need to focus on and supervise their students during the school day and may have a meeting to get to at dismissal time, thereby making it difficult to conference with parents at these times. Important issues require time to handle; please make an appointment so we can give you the time and attention you desire.


PTA (Parent-Teacher Association)

The PTA is an organization consisting of parents, teachers, and the principal that works to provide programs, activities, and other items to benefit every child in the school.  PTA meetings are usually held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2:45 PM in Room 103.  

Everyone is welcome to attend!


School Site Council (SSC)

The School Site Council is a committee comprised of the principal, 1 school staff members, 3 teachers, and 5 parents or community members.  Parents are elected to a two-year SSC term by other parents either in the late spring or early fall. The SSC helps develop and monitor the yearly school plan, school goals, and the budget for state and federal categorical funds. Meeting agendas are posted and everyone is welcome to attend. Only the 10 elected members are allowed to vote.