Dress Code

The ABC Unified School District and Aloha Health Medical Academy School Site Council & Staff have approved a dress code policy to provide a quality education in a safe and wholesome environment, free from disruption, and provide safety to and from school.


In accordance with this, the staff at Aloha has adopted the following dress code policy.  Students wearing inappropriate items to school will be sent to the office to call the parent to bring clothes to change.  If this is not possible, the student will be loaned articles of clothing from the clothing bank to wear for the rest of the day. Continued failure to follow the dress code could result in further consequences.


Please remember that school is a student’s “job” and school is their work place. Their attire should reflect that they are ready and able to do their “job.”





Student Uniforms

  • A solid red, white, or blue shirt with a collar, or a school t-shirt
  • Navy or beige shorts, slacks, skirts, capris, jumpers, or skorts
  • Jackets or sweatshirts must be a solid color, or have a school or university logo


General Guidelines

  • Clothing must not reveal or expose undergarments/undershirts.
  • Should be the correct size for the child.  Oversized clothing can cause a danger to students on the playground.
  • Should not be tight or revealing in any way.
  • Should allow the student to participate in all school activities, including recess and P.E. safely.



  • Must have sleeves that cover the shoulders.
  • Sport jerseys with team or players names can have gang affiliation so are not allowed.
  • Solid white t-shirts are not allowed
Dresses, Skirts, Overalls
  • The length of the hem of dresses skirts, or skorts, must be at least the length of extended fingertips.
  • Overalls must be worn with the straps up over the shoulder.  Overalls should be worn with shirt or blouse underneath.
Pants & Shorts
  • Pants should be clean and neat.  Pants with rips, holes or tears are not allowed, including pants designed with them.  Pajama pants are not appropriate for school
  • Pants and shorts must fit at the waist, and cannot be worn low on the hips (sagging).
  • Pants/shorts must not be any shorter the length of extended fingertips.
  • Shoes should enclose the entire foot.
  • Socks should not be pulled up towards knees. (Gang attire)
  • Shoelaces must be tied securely so that shoe remains on the foot.  
  • The following types of shoes are not appropriate for school: wheeled shoes, jelly shoes, mules, elevated open-toed sandals/flip flops, high heels or hidden/secret heel sneakers.  
  • Shoes must be worn at all times and must be safe for playground and class activities
  • Students wearing unsafe shoes will be required to change into safe shoes before participating in recesses and PE or will not be allowed to play during those outdoor times.


Head Coverings & Accessories

  • Head coverings (hats, caps, hoods, scarves, etc.) of any kind are not allowed at Aloha unless worn to protect face from sun, rain, or cold.
  • No head coverings may be worn in the classrooms.
  • Hats and visors need to be worn correctly on the head and only when weather appropriate.
  • Beanie type knit hats are not appropriate for warm weather sun protection.


Personal Hygiene

  • In consideration for everyone, including those with allergies, cologne or perfume is prohibited.
  • Upper grade students should wear deodorant.
  • Strong smelling hair gels, lotions, or deodorants can cause health problems for others and are not allowed.
  • Artificial or excessively long nails can cause injury to the wearer or others and are not allowed
  • Temporary hair coloring or hairstyles that distract from the learning environment will not be allowed.