Emergency Information

Student Information Card

For the safety of your child, the school will maintain a Student Information Card. This card shows personal information such as:

  • your correct name, address and phone numbers
  • the name and telephone number of your child’s doctor
  • your work phone number
  • name and telephone number of a neighbor or relative that the school may contact in case of illness or emergency.  

It is imperative that you report any change of information on the card to the office without delay.  Most important are current telephone numbers and the names of adults who may pick up your child from school during the school day when staff is unable to contact the parent or legal guardian.

If you are unable to be reached in an emergency/accident situation, the ambulance driver makes the decision of the hospital where your child will be transported.

Students cannot be released to an adult who is not the parent unless his/her name is on this card. Please make sure all emergency contacts agree to be placed on the card and are able and willing to help.

Emergency & Disaster Situations

In the event of an emergency or disaster, the children will be cared for at school until the situation is over or until released to a parent or other approved adult (whose name is on the Student Information Card).  

There are three types of emergency drills that we practice at school.  For your child's safety, please review these drills with them; their lives may depend on it.

  1. FIRE - (a series of short rings of the bell)

Evacuate the building promptly, but in a quiet, orderly manner.  Students line up by class on the grass field. Listen for instructions from your teacher or principal.  Wait quietly for the signal to return to class.


  1. EARTHQUAKE – (intercom announcement)

Follow duck and cover procedures in the classroom.  Follow all directions promptly. Wait quietly for teacher directions to evacuate to the grass field.


  1. LOCK DOWN DRILL– (intercom announcement or whistles blowing)
  • In the Classroom: following the announcement to lock down, the teacher locks the classroom door.  All students and teachers are to stay in their locked classrooms, continue working, and stay away from the windows and doors.   Wait quietly for the all clear signal.
  • On the Playground: supervisors will blow their whistles continuously and wave both hands in a “come here” motion.  All students walk to the MPR and await for further instructions.

What To Do As A Parent - Before

As school families, you are part of our emergency preparation plan.  We ask the following:

  1. Continue to reassure your family members that discussions and preparations at school are designed to relieve anxiety and to help prepare us for any emergencies we may, or may not experience.
  2. Complete the Disaster Information Card sent home with your child and return it to school by the end of September.  The names listed on this card would only be used for a major emergency.
  3. Purchase an Emergency Food Pack from Student Council or prepare one from the suggested items below.  Please return it with your child with their name and room number on it. These items must be packed in a one-(1) quart Zip-Lock bag, and be labeled with student's name.

1 – Bottled water

1 - 4 1/2 oz. container (pull top) of tuna, beans, fruit, pudding with a plastic spoon

1 - Snack pack of cheese and crackers (or peanut butter)

1 - Granola bar

1 - 6-8 oz. juice (pull top can or box)

 - Nuts, raisins, or jerky

Please adjust the kit items according to personal considerations.  All items must fit within the quart size bag and must have a shelf life of 9 months.  All kits will be returned to students in June.

  1. Identify who is to pick up your child in case of an emergency when you are out of the immediate area or unable to get to school.

What To Do As A Parent - During

In the event of an emergency we urge you to remain calm at home or work.  Take any precautions to remain safe there. We will take care of your child to the best of our ability until you are able to get to school.

What To Do As A Parent - After

The principal and school staff will be responsible for all children until a parent or authorized person arrives.  Children will only be released to the persons whose names appear on the Student Disaster Information Card.

  1. Please Do Not Call The School. The phone lines need to remain open for communication with emergency personnel. Assume your child is okay and being cared for.
  2. If necessary and appropriate, come to school as soon as it is safe.
  3. When picking up your children, please maintain a calm and positive attitude.  Report first to the office or designated gate for information as to the location of students.  Identify yourself and the name of the child or children you are picking up. Bring a picture ID to help speed up the process.  The staff at the Reunion Gate will call for your child and bring them to you. Parents are not allowed on campus in such emergencies. Your cooperation is vital.