Health & Nutrition

Our school nurse is at Aloha one to two days each week and is available to meet with parents to help with any health concerns.  Please call the office to check when she is at Aloha and to make an appointment.


Medication of any kind may not be sent to school without prior arrangements with the school nurse’s office.  


For the safety of your own child as well as for the protection of others, the law has some very specific procedures to follow:

  1. All medications must be kept in the nurse’s office and administered by the school nurse or staff.  Students are never to have any medications with them at school.
  2. Written authorization by a licensed physician using the District forms are required for each medication kept at and administered by the school staff.
  3. The medication must be brought in the same container in which it was dispensed by the pharmacy
  4. A responsible adult should bring the medication to school.
  5. Over the counter medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, cough drops, etc. are not allowed at school.  
  6. If the medication is only temporary and you do not wish to follow the above procedures, you may have a responsible adult bring it to school and administer it to the child in the nurse's office.  The parent or a legal guardian must contact the school office and advise who will be bringing medication to administer at school.


By following any one of these procedures we can hopefully avoid any accidental administration of medicine.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Healthy Schools Act

Healthy School Act of 2001 allows parents or guardians to request notification of pesticide applications from the school office.  These parents or guardians will be listed on a registry kept on file in the office and notified at least 72 hours before pesticides are applied.  Please contact the school office to be placed on this notification registry.

Mental Health (Counseling)

Aloha Health Medical Academy has individual and group counseling available on site through a partnership with local counseling agencies.  If you feel your child needs this type of service, please speak with the teacher or principal who can make a referral to the agency.


Aloha offers a breakfast program. Breakfast may be purchased daily for $1.25 and is served from 7:40-8:00.  A menu calendar with each day’s food choices is sent home monthly. Students participating in the Breakfast Program should not arrive on campus before 7:40 a.m. Due to federal and state regulations; parents are not allowed to sit with their child during school meal times.


  • Lunch is $2.60.  Meal payment may be made on-line at, through the office using a lunch envelope, or given to the cafeteria manager.  Free/Reduced Meal Applications are available online at (quickest way), on District website, or in school office. Applications must be completed yearly and can take up to two weeks to process. Parents will need to provide lunch or lunch money for students until the application for meal benefits is approved. The District will send a notice to the parents.  If notice is not received in two weeks, contact the District at (562) 926-5566 ext. 21284.
  • For students who forget their lunch, your child will be extended credit up to five (5) lunches. After your child has reached the five lunch limit, he/she will be sent to the main office to contact you.    It will be your responsibility to provide your own food OR send money with your child to pay for his/her meal on a daily basis until the negative account balance is paid off. Please note that we will NOT extend credit beyond the five (5) lunches to your child and allow his/her account to become more negative.
  • Students may bring a lunch to school from home. For safety reasons do not send knives (for cutting food) or glass containers in lunches. Lunches should be sent with children.
  • Parents who bring their child’s lunch to school after school starts should go to the school office. Please put your child’s name on their lunch and check your child’s lunch times. The secretaries will attempt to see that your child receives the lunch. Please do not make this a regular occurrence.  
  • Food may not be shared.

Snack Food

  • Snacks are allowed at the morning recess and are to be eaten at the tables only.  
  • Snacks must be healthy, no chips, including spiced snacks, or junk food.  
  • All snacks must be in single serving bags and must be finished by the end of recess. No unfinished food may return to class.
  • No candy, gum, breath mints, lemon, suckers, or sunflower seeds.  Students caught with any of these will have the items taken and disposed of.
  • Drinks are allowed for snack.  Single serving drinks only. We recommend juices. Soda is not allowed.  Absolutely no glass containers.

Classroom Parties

  • You must receive advanced permission from the teacher prior to bringing food to school.  Any food must be healthy and nutritious.
  • It is district policy that all food provided for students be purchased already made at a store, or restaurant. We cannot accept anything cooked or baked at home. (No homemade cookies, etc.).